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Unlock Rental Automation with Smart Meter


EasyRenz smart meters for rental automation are one of our popular IoT device for rental automation integration. Smart meters eliminate tenant disputes over excessive utility fees with simple and clear usage statistics and monthly usage. It allows on-demand remote monitoring on electricity consumption history. EasyRenz smart meter offers Prepaid or Postpaid payment mode. By enabling payment gateway, tenant can top up their meter or pay their bill anytime. This allows tenant to estimate their electricity consumption with their budgets.

Elevate Your Rental Properties with Smart Meters, Say Goodbye to Manual Meters.

Human error and laborious administrative tasks for recording manual meter reading and manual invoicing can be reduced with EasyRenz smart meter. Smart meter simplify rent administration, provide transparency, and promote energy savings, making them important to part of the rental process.

  • Supports both postpaid and prepaid modes

  • Integration with payment gateway to enable users to pay bills or top up whenever they prefer

  • Reduce the need to do laborious utility calculations

  • Offer a clear and user-friendly platform to help tenants realize how much they are using with their budget


Smart Meters Features

  • ic_auto_reading

    Transparent Usage Record & History

  • ic_usage_alert

    Low Balance Alert

  • ic_auto_billing

    Automated Billing

  • ic_remote_control

    Remote Control

  • ic_tenancy_management_system

    Support Prepaid & Postpaid

A Closer Look At Smart Meter Benefits

Discover how smart meters enhance energy management and usage.
Smart meters provide better energy decisions. Examine the way smart meters monitor electricity consumption with automation.


On-demand Data

Smart meters provide on-demand report on energy consumption. Enables users to track their electricity usage more accurately, which can lead to better energy management and potentially cost savings.



Smart meters allow remote control of it's power supply. With so, operator or landlord can remotely control the power when it's vacant or when tenant check in, or with the automation rules that EasyRenz offers.


Automated Billing

Streamlines the billing process by automatically generating bills based on its usage data, reducing administrative overhead.

Smart Meter YC01

A single phase meter reduces installation dust, eliminates the need for several wires, and prevents wall hacking. Installing it in the original dB box is possible.

  • Well-suited for residential applications

  • Size 100mm * 36mm * 70mm

  • Support prepaid & postpaid mode

  • Support up to 60A power

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Smart Meter YC03

When compared to a single phase circuit smart meter at the same amperage, a three-phase meter offers more power density.

  • Ideal for commercial use

  • Size 145mm * 70mm * 145mm

  • Support prepaid & postpaid mode

  • Support up to 100A power

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