Smart Door Locks

Convenience and Secure
The Power of Smart Door Lock


Unlike traditional locks with keys, EasyRenz smart door locks leverage technology to allow fingerprints, mobile apps, unique codes and card for access. User have flexibility to create multiple and different way of access for tenants or visitors anytime without being physically there. In terms of transparency and security, user can access the door access logs to identify possible unauthorized access and eliminate the possibility of duplicate keys to access the property or room after tenant is checked out or evicted. EasyRenz smart locks features a mode that restrict access for tenant or visitors within a set timeframe, thus preventing trespassing.


Smart Door Locks Features

Welcome to a new era of digitization, where your unique fingerprint and a secure passcode are your keys to absolute peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art fingerprint and passcode door lock combines cutting-edge technology with effortless convenience to safeguard your property like never before.

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  • ic_wifi


  • ic_fingerprint


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  • ic_access_card_unlock

    Access Card

  • ic_key_unlock

    Emergency Key Unlock

Advantages of Smart Door Locks

Automation is made possible by integrating smart door locks to EasyRenz and the flexibility by remote control through mobile apps.
Their convenience is increased by offering keyless entry via keypads, fingerprint or smartphones. The absence of misplaced keys and activity tracking enhance security of your asset.


Remote Access

Manage or unlock your door access at your fingertips, no matter where you are. No more spare keys under the mat.


Multiple Access Mode

Variety of access mode from bluetooth or remote unlock, fingerprint, passcode and access card unlock. Organized access allow you to share the access to the people you wish to grant access for, without attending physically.


Activity Logs

Door lock access logs at your request. Monitor door lock access or failed unlock attempts to ensure your property is safeguarded.


Smart Door Lock SG06

It has two side panels to prevent individuals from entering the grille door by opening it with the back handle. The Slim Lock Panel is appropriate for installation on doors with limited space.

  • Size 274mm * 134mm * 12mm

  • AAA battery * 8

  • Well-suited for grill door

  • Support fingerprint, apps, passcode

  • Support Latch 28 / 35 / 40mm

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Smart Door Lock SQ02

The most popular door lock among the others from our user's choice, it can accommodate most mortise types and has a wider lock panel with modern design. It enhances your guests' living experience and works with the majority of door types.

  • Size 250mm * 60mm * 21mm

  • AA battery * 4

  • Support fingerprint, apps, passcode

  • Support Latch 60 / 70mm, 5072, 5572, 6072, 4585, 6085

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Smart Door Lock SH02

Compact size smart lock that can fit in traditional door knob lock, it's the economic option and easy installation without require to drill an extra hole on door for installation while offering the smart lock features you need.

  • Size 145mm * 65mm * 26mm

  • AAA battery * 4

  • Well-suited for room door

  • Support fingerprint, apps, passcode

  • Support Latch 60 / 70mm

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Smart Door Access

EasyRenz smart door access provides you with all the functionalities of our smart lock in comparison to traditional door access. It consists of a keypad combination, reader, magnetic lock, and an physical exit button. Since it's powered by direct power, which saved the hassle from having to keep your drained battery replace from time to time.

  • Support fingerprint, apps, passcode and card

  • Direct power supply from dB box

  • Well-suited for shop lots, office

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Our smart door lock offers key features like remote access for unlocking via a smartphone, customizable access codes for guests, on-demand access logs, and enhanced security features, providing a modern and convenient way to secure your asset.